• Virtual School

    New 100% Online Virtual School Option for Grades 5-12


    Bentonville Schools offers variations of Virtual School to District residents including (1) High School Online blended learning, (2) NWACC Online proctored, distance learning for college credit, and now (3) 100% Online for students in grades 5-12 who may travel often, are unable to attend school on the local campus, or who may have medical needs in the home requiring less interaction in the community.


    Bentonville Schools’ new 100% Online Virtual School option allows students in grades 5-12 in our community to choose online instruction that is designed and monitored by our certified teachers.  


    Teacher, student, parent, and peer interaction may occur through video conferencing, email, online classroom chat and comment features, phone, and face-to-face.



    • Chromebooks
    • Bentonville Schools curriculum, teachers, intervention, and support
    • Bentonville Schools parent and student resources, extracurricular activities, and events
    • Bentonville Schools diploma and transcript


    Information Sessions

    Information sessions were provided 6 pm, May 30 and June 4.  


    Student Enrollment

    Families interested in enrolling should complete the intent to enroll - CLICK HERE.

    Orientation and scheduling will begin the week of July 22 for families who completed the intent to enroll.

    Enrollment is limited to student zoned to Bentonville Schools or those with approved out-of-district transfers.



    While Bentonville Schools provides all coursework in a traditional brick and mortar format for free to all students, some optional courses and optional course formats do include fees.  Online coursework is an optional format. Online students currently incur a fee of $50 per course or $25 per semester. This fee totals $300 per year for a student enrolled in a 100% program of six courses per year.   


    Number of Courses

    A 100% online student will take six courses for grades 9-12 or 5 for grades 5-8.  HS students may expand to a maximum of seven credits per year after successful completion of a minimum of one semester in 100% online coursework.  HS students enrolled in 100% online in lieu of expulsion may be enrolled in the minimum 24 credits needed for graduation.



    CLICK HERE for sample schedules.

    CLICK HERE for FAQs.



    Mr. Josh Vest - jvest@bentonvillek12.org

    Dr. Jennifer Morrow - jmorrow@bentonvillek12.org

    Dr. Matt Saferite - msaferite@bentonvillek12.org



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