• 2022-23 Parking Dates

    Seniors - July 29th

    Juniors - August 2nd

    Sophomores - August 8th

    Freshman - August 8th


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    ● To obtain a parking permit, students MUST PRESENT A VALID ARKANSAS DRIVER’S LICENSE,
    Arkansas car tag number, make and model of vehicle, and $20.00 for the school year
    ($10 per semester). Motorcycles and scooters are $10.00 per year ($5 per semester).
    ● Unpaid fines must be paid prior to obtaining a new parking pass.
    ● Parking tags will be distributed to seniors and juniors at the start of the school year.
    Sophomores and freshmen may be assigned when spaces become available.
    If a vehicle is parked in your assigned parking spot, please report it immediately to
    the office.
    ● Students are not permitted to loiter in parking areas and are not to return to their
    vehicles during the school day for any reason unless given permission to do so by an
    administrator or office staff.
    ● Driving and parking privileges on school campuses may be revoked due to any unsafe
    ● Students will be fined $10.00 for the first two parking violations which includes the
    o Parking in the visitors’ parking area
    o Using another student’s parking permit
    o Parking in another student’s parking space
    o Parking on campus without a valid parking permit
    o Not appropriately displaying a parking permit
    o Students parking in faculty parking space


    Failure to pay parking fines within five days may result in consequences. On the third
    parking violation, the vehicle is subject to being towed at the owner’s expense and parking
    privileges being revoked for the remainder of the semester or year. The parking space
    so surrendered will be assigned to another student.  

    The Bentonville and Centerton Police Departments and county law enforcement
    agencies have been given authority to enforce all traffic violations observed on school
    property. High School Security Officers will ticket cars with violation stickers. A copy is given
    to the student’s Dean of Students. The students will be instructed to pay the fines in
    the bookkeepers’ offices during specific hours. Proceeds from fines will be used for
    parking lot maintenance and improvements.