• Evening Star Students, 


    It brings us so much joy to look through the pages of our first-ever Evening Star yearbook. We have made so many new friendships and memories that will certainly stay with us as we grow older. We treasure every day we have with you, and we know this book will help us preserve some of our best memories of the 2019-2020 school year. 


    Our first year together has been a wild one, to say the least. Our very first day was flooded with a lot of excitement, quite literally! Mrs. Williams kicked off her high heels and vacuumed ankle-deep water from the Kindergarten hallway. Late in October, our community was hit with an EF-2 tornado. The thirty-one-mile long twister was found to be the longest continuous track on record since 1950 for Benton County. We will remember you and teachers peacefully working by sunlight, and a huge delivery of water bottles until our building’s water returned. In January, we had a special little visitor mosey down our car line to our outside front doors. Mrs. Baureis didn’t hesitate to share her lunch with our potbelly friend. Over eight thousand visitors saw this little piggy on our Facebook page. Some pig! Finally, we experienced life during a global pandemic. As the Coronavirus swept the nation, we adjusted to digital learning from home. We encourage you to use a free corner of this book as a place to capture your own memories of what this time was like for you and your family. One day, you will open this book and be able to describe for your children or your children's children a first-hand account of how you were impacted. For us, we enjoyed seeing your pictures and videos, and how well your teachers adjusted to the monumental shift in instruction. Together, you, your family, and our Evening Star staff ended the year strong and we all developed a greater appreciation for the little things in life. 


    We have been through a lot together this year, and many great memories were made, too! We honored the historic Evening Star School, our namesake, by organizing our inaugural pie supper fundraiser. You threw pies at your teachers, and square-danced the night away!  Our fantastic PTO raised money and installed our back set of swings. Students all over the building demonstrated our core beliefs: growth, integrity, teamwork, empathy, and enthusiasm. Celebrating your accomplishments and learning will always be one of our favorite things to do!


    Through all of the ups and downs, one thing holds firm: We love you all. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces every day. We know our fourth graders are well-equipped to venture off to middle school. Please stop by and visit every now and again. To our Kindergarten, first, second, and third-grade owls, we are looking forward to another year with you in the fall. Soar on! 




    Ashley Williams, Principal

    Jamie Baureis, Assistant Principal


    First Year at a Glance--2019-2020