• Welcome to Sugar Creek Elementary. I am the school nurse, Natalie McGuire. You may find this information helpful. Please refer to the complete student handbook or contact me at 479-254-5790 for additional information.

    Health History Information 

    • This online information is parent-signed and gives the nurse valuable medical/behavioral insight into your child’s needs. Please accurately and thoroughly complete and update health information questions that are included in your online registration. 


    • Prescription (Rx) Medication Requirements
      • Signed physician/provider orders must be on file for all Rx medications administered at school.
      • Medication must be in the original Rx bottle or box with the current date.
      • The parent is to deliver medication to the school nurse, complete paperwork, and sign in medicine.
      • Students are prohibited from transporting medications. Violation could lead to school suspension.
      • Students needing to carry inhalers, epinephrine pens, or diabetic supplies must have proper documentation completed by the school nurse, parent, and physician/provider.
    • Non-Prescription - Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications:
      • Bentonville Schools advising physician orders include specific OTC medication such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Check with me for a detailed list. Stock medications are available per RN’s assessment only if a parent completes and signs the online health information annually.
        • During the COVID-19 pandemic, these medications will be administered sparingly, not to mask symptoms sometimes present in this virus.
      • OTC medications not listed must have a written physician/provider order. In addition, parents must deliver medication in an unopened box/bottle to the RN and sign the medication form. 

    Chronic Illnesses  

    • Please contact the school nurse if your child has a medical diagnosis of Asthma, ADD/ADHD, Cystic Fibrosis, Depression, Diabetes, Seizures, Life-Threatening Allergies, etc.
    • An Arkansas Licensed Doctor/Health Care Provider must sign the current Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP). It will be on file for students with chronic illnesses, medically/psychologically fragile students, or any other condition requiring medical care during the school day. 

    Acute Health Concerns

    • Parents will be notified if your student was seen/given care in the health office.
    • Parents should contact the school nurse with any student health concerns.
    • After one day, provide a doctor’s note for continued use of the elevator or continued excuse from P.E. or recess.
    • Students with live head lice are excluded from school. Before readmission, the RN will meet with the parent, review proof of treatment, and examine the head, which must be lice-free.
    • Students assessed with symptoms sometimes present in persons with COVID-19 infection will be sent home. Bentonville Schools will follow the current Arkansas Department of Health and CDC guidelines.


    • ALL students shall be age-appropriately immunized. (Please note requirements differ from state to state. Contact the Benton County Health Unit (479 986-1300) for more information on the required immunizations. Noncompliance will result in in-school suspension as per Arkansas Law. 
    • Arkansas Department of Health (1-800-574-4040) issues exemptions. Please renew annually. 
    • A certificate of proof of immunizations shall be “signed” by a licensed physician, health department, or military service. Make an appointment, immunize and show proof to your school nurse.

    Health Screenings 

    • Vision & Hearing: Pre-kindergarten (PK), kindergarten (K), grades one (1), two (2), four (4), six (6), and eight (8), and all transfer students receive an eye/vision and hearing screen. Failures will require a medical exam completed by the appropriate medical provider. Give proof of exam results to your school nurse.
    • Scoliosis: Girls in grades six (6) and eight (8); Boys in grade eight (8) will be screened.  
    • BMI (Body Mass Index): Students in grades k, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 will be screened.
    • Document objection for scoliosis or BMI screening on your online registration packet.