• A Note From The Principal


    Welcome to Ardis Ann Middle School,

    The teachers and staff of AAMS are honored to be a part of this transitional time in a child’s life.  We serve grades five and six.  Being a two year school allows us to focus on the unique needs of ten to twelve year olds.  We love the energy, determination and excitement our Blazers bring to the classroom.  Blazers are eager to explore and share new learning and we are eager to engage and challenge our Blazers through critical thinking and teamwork.  We deliver instruction in a wide variety of formats including Project Based Learning, Labs, Makerspace and Discovery in order to deepen student understanding of rigorous standards and curriculum.  

    Technology, including Google Classroom, is an everyday part of life at AAMS.  Students and teachers utilize Google Classroom for instruction and as a communication tool.  It provides an opportunity for timely feedback between teacher and student while also supporting on-going collaboration among students.

    Bentonville Schools is committed to guiding and supporting every student from kindergarten into adulthood.  At AAMS, we believe each student completing fifth and sixth grade will enter junior high, and the teen years, well-prepared and full of confidence.  We strive to enrich the lives of our beloved Blazers, as they certainly enrich ours.  

    Marilyn Gilchrist, Principal