• A Note From Your Principal

    Dear R.E. Baker Families,

     The goal we have set for ourselves, at R.E. Baker Elementary, is a year’s growth in a year’s time.  We strive to push our students to greater heights so they can create the future they want for themselves

     We believe in our students and work to empower them with the confidence they need to thrive.  That confidence is significant. Making a child feel like he or she matters and equipping children to make a difference in this world is paramount. To do that, we know it's imperative to create a space where students feel safe...safe physically and emotionally but also safe to make mistakes. There's no reward without risk and the pathway to success is riddled with setbacks. What matters is making sure children know we're here to mentor them in those moments and we stand tall with them every step of the way.

     I'm honored to serve as you partner in this new school year. We're going to do some great things together.


     Josh Draper, Principal

    R.E. Baker Elementary