• A Note From Your Principal



    It's my pleasure to welcome you to Willowbrook Elementary School. This school year marks the eighth year Willowbrook has been open. We serve 850 students in kindergarten through fourth grade and we like to believe we're known as the school of innovation.


    Children at Willowbrook are given opportunities to grow their learning and understanding of curriculum through outside the box activities that allow them to apply, construct and develop new ideas. Students encounter classrooms that have been morphed into medical operating rooms or campsites to help them experience learning with all of their senses. The Willowbrook staff is highly talented and constantly pursuing new research-based practices to assure student success. They're dedicated to offering the most rigorous lessons and tailor lesson plans for your unique child.


    Our parents and community partners offer solid support, ideas and encouragement for making Willowbrook a positive, nurturing environment. Our school’s PTO is outstanding in its support of school initiatives as well as providing fun activities every year for students and staff.


    There's no other school like Willowbrook and I look forward to serving as your child’s principal this year.


    Your partner in education,


     Cindy Dewey, Principal