Cove Reveal
  • Upon entering kindergarten, students are sorted into one of five Cove families named after artists who have made a significant contribution to fine arts and who exemplify characteristics of life-long learners.  The Coves at Osage Creek are Carle Cove, Chihuly Cove, Disney Cove, DiVinci Cove, and Pharrell Cove.  

Osage Creek Elementary History

  • Who we are, and what we do...

    Osage Creek Elementary is the newest elementary campus in Bentonville, Arkansas. Our vision is to become "The BEST School in the Country." We believe that by forming partnerships with parents and our community and by implementing current research that guides best practices in education, we can reach this goal.  We understand that in order to realize this vision, we must first strive toward our mission of reimagining our approach to learning. For our current and future Otters, this means creating a learning environment that embraces the concepts of both Individualized Learning (IL) and Arts Integration (AI).  To become the best in the country means that we must implement a strategic plan, reflecting and acting upon our successes and missteps. The best way to do this is to perfect our IL and AI learning environments, then gradually blend these concepts until our entire campus fully integrates IL and AI simultaneously, resulting in a true "personalized learning experience."

    What does this look like? 

    Throughout the 2017-18 school year, all Osage Creek teachers were on Cove (vertical) teams with a kindergarten through fourth-grade configuration. Teachers met with their Cove team to discuss student achievement, examine data, and to collaborate to meet student needs. In addition, teachers met with their grade-level team to discuss best practices, curriculum, and grade-level activities. All teachers were challenged to integrate Fine Arts into their daily and weekly lessons.  One Cove team of K-4 teachers began the walk along the path of individualized learning (IL) for students on their team during our first year. Our goal is to have two dedicated IL teams for 2018-2019. All other students will be on Cove teams (K-4) with an arts integration focus. This does NOT mean that students with an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) won't experience aspects of the Arts Integration Approach, nor does it mean that AI teams won't incorporate elements of individualized learning. It simply means that the teachers on these teams will be focusing to become experts in that particular learning approach and that their expertise and experiences will guide our future actions toward becoming "The Best School in the Country."

    Individualized Learning at Osage Creek

    To meet the needs of our students on last year's I.L. team, teachers utilized a common learning space known as “The Cove.” While students are in The Cove they practice skills learned during instruction and participate in learning activities, many of which incorporate an arts-integrated approach. Learning in The Cove takes place in centers that are designed to help students master the identified learning objectives. Many Cove activities require students to explore, interact, and collaborate as they learn, which helps them develop communication skills and build relationships.  Students are pulled from The Cove by K-4 licensed teachers and receive core instruction based upon their ILP. Teachers are content-specific which enables them to consider each student's interests, strengths, and needs as they design individualized instruction. Students are grouped based on what each child is ready to learn, regardless of the child's age or grade placement.

    Arts Integration at Osage Creek

    At Osage Creek, Arts Integration is an educational approach to learning that integrates science, technology, engineering practices, mathematics, and fine arts to guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.  Through core instruction and collaborative activities, this approach encourages students to construct understanding in and through the arts while engaging them in a creative process.  Teachers are vertically aligned (K-4) and collaborate to discuss student achievement data, plan curricular activities and instruction, and to group students for specific learning activities. They also meet within their grade-levels to identify essential standards and to align curriculum standards.