• Welcome to Ruth Barker Middle School!

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to Barker and invite you to be a part of our wonderful school story. As principal, I have the privilege of being part of a vibrant middle school community, where students are supported and cared for at the highest level. Our purpose at Barker is to cause learning and meet the needs of each student. To fulfill this purpose, we surround our students with the best teachers, best resources, and a fabulous community, committed to its students success.

    At Barker, we strategically wrap our learning standards around five learner dispositions designed to meet the needs of all students. These five dispositions are:

    Problem Solving





    The purpose behind these dispositions is to ensure our students leave Barker equipped for higher learning and a clear understanding of the skills needed to exceed and excel both in and out of the classroom. As you become a part of our learning community, please be sure to engage with us and join our pursuit of serving our students with excellence!


    Eric Hipp