• Immunizations 

    Deadline October 1, 2020

    All students (Virtual and Blended) must be in compliance with Arkansas Immunization Laws

    Students needing immunizations had written notification inside their report cards in June. Letters will be sent home in August/September.

    If you are unsure of your child’s compliance, check your records, contact the Benton County Health Department at 479 986-1300, visit the Arkansas Department of Health or call your family physician. 

    Students not meeting the immunization requirements will be excluded from school on October 1st (or 30 days from their enrollment date if enrollment is after September 2) and will not be able to return  until they show proof of one of the following:


    1. Dates of required immunizations on official letterhead. (Please bring documentation to your school nurse.)
    2. If you need to make an appointment to obtain compliance, you may bring in the documentation on clinic letterhead stating the future appointment date -signed by medical personnel. Appointment dates after October 1st will be accepted. Students will not be able to attend school if that appointment is not kept. 
    3. Proof of completed/notarized ADH Immunization Exemption application. (501 537-8969) or visit the Arkansas Department of Health Immunization Exemption website.
    4. Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) letter stating immunization exemption.