•  Health Services


    Health Services in the school setting is one of the most rapidly expanding sub-specialties of nursing. To keep up with this growing trend, Bentonville Schools provides experienced and qualified Registered Nurses in every school. As increased attention has focused on the schools as a site where prevention, early intervention, education and acute care occurs, the school nursing role has changed to incorporate increased responsibilities for managing the health service program and expanded clinical skills to serve students with a wide range of health risks, illnesses and disabilities.


    Health Services

School Health Office Phone Number
Apple Glen Elementary 479-254-5586
Ardis Ann Middle School 479-254-5524
Bentonville High School 479-254-5186/479-367-8024
Bentonville West High School 479-286-9673/479-286-9664
Bright Field Middle School 479-418-7206
Centerton Gamble Elementary School 479-696-3372
Central Park Elementary School 479-696-3205
Cooper Elementary School 479-696-3745
Creekside Middle School 479-286-9585
Elm Tree Elementary School 479-254-5671
Evening Star Elementary School 479-360-7406
FulbrightJunior High School 479-802-7006
Gateway-BHS South Bldg. 2nd Floor 479-367-8005
Grimsley Junior High School 479-360-7512
Lincoln Junior High School 479-254-5256
Mary Mae Jones Elementary School 479-254-5935
Old High Middle Schoool 479-254-5453
Osage Creek Elementary School 479-286-9511
RE Baker Elementary School 479-254-5734
RH Barker Middle School 479-696-3305
Special Education Nurse 479-418-7354
Special Education Nurse-BHS 479-254-3441
Special Education Nurse-BWHS 479-286-9664
Special Ed-Medicaid in the Schools 479-367-8013
Sugar Creek Elementary School 479-254-5815