• Tuition Express


    Tuition Express offers a convenient online payment system that is linked to your child's billing account. However, it will not show your account balance.  When using Tuition Express remember to add the 3% administration fee into your online payment as it is not automatically calculated.


    Tuition is due each Monday prior to service and in order for your payment to properly post by the due date you must process the payment by 3:00 pm on the Friday before.  Keep in mind that Tuition Express is closed on Federally recognized holidays.  If the holiday falls on a Monday, you will need to ensure your payment processes prior to the holiday if the Child Enrichment Services office is open to avoid any potential late fees.  Also, Tuition Express is not an auto-draft system, you will always have to log into the website to submit a payment or to schedule a payment.


    Please contact our office during business hours at (479) 254-5040 for questions regarding enrollment or to make a payment over the phone.