• October Good News


    Congratulations to Willowbrook Elementary! They won $5,000 from Runway Group for getting the most students on bikes during our September Bike Bentonville Schools Challenge! We're especially proud to see our kiddos pushing the vibe into October on sidewalks, roadways and trails across Bentonville! Thank you to Tom Walton, our students and every mom and dad who starts their day or finishes one on their bikes! #whereexcellencelives

  • September Good News


    It's been a hard 18 months but did you catch the bright spot back in the summer? Owen Dyer, a junior at Bentonville West High School, competed on American Ninja Warrior making it all the way to the finals in Vegas. Despite all the trouble in today's world, this was a Dyer Situation we welcomed.



  • August Good News


    NASA, The Pentagon, Walmart....what's the common thread? All of these organizations and so many more employ some phenomenal graduates of Bentonville Schools. This year is our 150th anniversary! Make plans to celebrate this milestone with us! The students of Bentonville are changing our world!

  • July Good News

    July 2021 marks the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The games bring back extraordinary memories for Bentonville High School Coach Mike Power. Mike is the head coach for men's cross country and track at BHS. Some 20 years ago, though, he was a fierce competitor lined up with the world's best. Mike ran for his home country of Australia in the 2000 Olympics.
    His resume leaves no doubt. Nine-time All American, five-time SEC champion and nine national championships at the University of Arkansas. And he hasn't slowed down. He's brought 17 Arkansas State Championships to BHS.
    It's an exclusive fraternity, the Olympics, and Mike is forever etched into its history.

  • June Good News


    Congratulations, Sawyer Greenfield!

  • May Good News


    Congratulations, Class of 2021!

  • November Good News


    Choose Love 2020: What an amazing day! Special thanks to
    Stephanie Orman Mayor of Bentonville

  • October Good News


    We're pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Teachers of the Year for Bentonville Schools. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused us to delay this announcement but join us in celebrating the following:
    Lindsay Adams, Elementary Teacher of the Year (tie)
    Leslye Morse, Elementary Teacher of the Year (tie)
    Beth Mims, Secondary Teacher of the Year
    Marisa Snow, Bentonville Schools Teacher of the Year

  • August Good News


    There's a lot we can't do right now, but we can always Choose Love.

  • June Good News


    Our teachers are currently enjoying a well-deserved summer break but they're still on our minds. When we think back to March, we're filled with pride for what they accomplished. Going from a traditional classroom to a digital platform in a single day isn't easy but they did so with grace. And perhaps more than anything, we're proud of the way they continued to show their love with encouraging emails and check-ins. Teachers, you're the reason we say Bentonville Schools is where excellence lives!

  •  May Good News - Senior Send Off 2020
    It's been a wild ride for the Class of 2020. All of the emotions were on display at our recent Senior Sendoff. Seniors, we love ya. Stay strong and know we're proud of your grit, grace and willingness to keep going. You are our May Good News.



  • April Good News - State Archery
    One of the best things about Bentonville Schools is the opportunity available at every turn. Recently, we've seen the sport of archery catch on across our district. It's been awesome to see these students focus in on a target and take aim!

  • February Good News - Maryam Dauda
    Did you know the number one high school center in the NATION is hooping at Bentonville High School? More than 1,000 career points, six foot four and owns the career record for blocked shots. SHE is a phenom and well worth the price of admission. The Lady Tigers are at home tonight at 6:00 p.m. Don't miss Maryam Dauda this evening or in this month's Good News!

  • January Good News


    Mohamad Alkhatib, a senior at Bentonville West High, was recently awarded a full ride to Pomona College in California. Pomona accepts only 9% of its applicants. Pretty big deal, right? Here's what really made us take note of Mohamad though. He escaped civil war in Syria and came to West not speaking a word of English. This life is tough. But so are you. Don't forget that.

  • Osage Creek Chooses Love


    No one is afforded a life free of pain but we can respond to challenges with strength and dignity! It's not an easy skill but one we're working to instill in all our students! Watch how children at Osage Creek Elementary School begin each morning with a contract to control their minds and words!

  • December Good News


    Over the month of December, we want to share how we're Choosing Love in our classrooms and community!  Thomas Jefferson Elementary students wanted to support their Assistant Principal Tiffany Snodgrass with a program she hosts called Loads of Learning.  Tiffany and her husband, Ben, routinely offer families in Benton County the opportunity to wash away hard times.  They own Sugar Creek Laundry.  Her students organized a toy drive so these families would also have a gift under the tree this Christmas!

  • Keep It Clean! Friday, November 9, 2019

  • September 11 Remembered


    Today marks 18 years since the deadliest attack on American soil. Our schools are filled with students who have no memories of 9/11....most were not even born. We often hear the words never forget when discussing today's anniversary and so we choose to remember through the eyes of two individuals in our community. Alyson Low is a former teacher at Washington Junior High. Her sister Sara died on 9/11. Dan Bartlett is an executive vice-president at Walmart but, on this day 18 years ago, he was with then-President George W. Bush. We're indebted to Alyson and Dan for sharing their stories with our students. Never Forget.

  • August Good News


    Project SEARCH Arkansas is a beautiful program that helps young adults with disabilities transition to the workplace. After completing the nine month internship, the Project SEARCH team helps our students find full-time employment. We're grateful for the students, teachers and business partners who make this program a reality for Bentonville Schools.

  • July Good News 

    Are you ready? They are. Some of our most talented and hardest working students have battled the heat the last few weeks to be ready by fall. They call it the skillet. Enjoy your July Good News right here.

  • June Good News


    Learning looks different these days, doesn't it? Gone are the rows of single file desks.  In their place, you'll find collaboration stations with mobile seating.  That's because life is is lived outside of the box. Kendall Tweedy is a member of the Class of 2019 from Bentonville West High School.  Prior to graduation, Kendall began work on his private pilot's license. His love of flight inspired us to study how we can combine academics and aviation in Bentonville Schools. Check it out in this month's Good News.

  • Graduation 2019


    Congratulations, Class of 2019!

  • Gateway Graduation 2019


    It's the season of pomp and circumstance and we begin the celebrations with our Gateway graduates. These students have worked incredibly hard for this moment. Their smiles hide more tears than some of us will ever know. Their stories differ but they all have one. Some have lost their parents, some are parents themselves while others are the breadwinner for an entire family. Join us in celebrating their grit, determination and this victory!

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News April


    Sometimes we chase a goal and sometimes we run it down. Bentonville High School senior Lainey Quandt is only the fourth female in the state of Arkansas to run a mile in less than five minutes. It didn't happen overnight. It happened one day, one race and one second at a time. Check out our April Good News with student-athlete Lainey Quandt and Superintendent Dr. Debbie Jones. 

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News March


    Feelings of insecurity can relentlessly stalk each of us. Sally Geren, an administrative assistant at Bentonville High School, certainly experienced her own doubts growing up so she decided to write about them. Her book I Must Moo was penned for her grandchildren but it's teaching the value of contentment to an audience across the world!

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News February


    Evening Star Elementary will open this fall and it will be a beautiful, state of the art building. What you might not know is the story that is Evening Star's beautiful history. Its name holds special meaning for past generations and those to come!

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News January


    Architecture students at Bentonville High School recently took the top award in a national high school architecture competition sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. BHS students in the program also took seven of the 15 honors awarded. Their designs are works of art yet still pragmatic, capable of serving communities across the globe. 

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News December


    Some 14,000 students in Bentonville Schools ride a bus every day. To school and home or to a play or musical. And those bus drivers? They're quiet heroes delivering our most precious cargo.


  • Christmas Ornaments 


    Student-artists from Ardis Ann Middle School are spreading some Christmas magic in our nation's capital!  Ardis Ann is one of 56 schools across the country selected to create ornaments for the 2018 National Christmas Tree experience in Washington, D.C.


    Check out the behind the scenes process!

  • Pieter Kohnstam


    Some subjects in the world of education are harder than others but nonetheless significant. It was our great honor and privilege to host Holocaust survivor Pieter Kohnstam in our schools recently. Learning beyond the textbook is our mission. 

  • Bentonville Schools - Good News November


    Farm to Table is a thriving trend right now all across the country and in Bentonville Schools. Watch how Old High Middle Schools is giving students food for thought in November's Good News.


  • Bentonville Schools - Good News October


    Across the nation, mountain bikers are losing their minds and finding their souls on rugged paths cutting across hills and forests. Our students are out there on those same trails. Both Bentonville High School and Bentonville West High School now offer mountain biking teams. The rush is obvious when you hear BWHS student Lucas Byrne talk about the sport he loves.


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