• We are very proud that this summer started phase 1 of a school renovation project.  Our students will come back to a fresh and new looking building. Construction is already well under way, so the momentum is already building for the upcoming school year. Following is a brief description of the major renovations and additions. 


    We will have entirely new front walkways and landscaping installed to spruce up the front of the school.  We are completely revamping our front entry/door area to help with efficiency, timeliness of any business you may have with the school, ease of check in/check out, and school/industry standard safety and security to keep our students and staff protected. 


    As you enter the building in our main corridor, we will now have a much more open area for flexible learning, collaborative spaces for students, and displays of our students work.  This area has been reconstructed for better lighting, raised ceilings, and up-to-date open learning environments.  


    Our classrooms will all be re-equipped with new furnishings for the students and the teachers.  This will both improve aesthetics and provide a more functional learning environment for our students.  Our entire school is being painted to brighten our school and bring in colors that are conducive to an optimal learning environment. There are also a few rooms that are being remodeled to give us extra space in certain departments and programs.


    Several of our rooms that have carpet will have it replaced for the first time in many years.  This will be a great addition to the choir room specifically.


    In our main gym, we will replace the visitors’ bleachers for new retractable bleachers that have upgrades with electrical availability, filming platforms, and motorized release and retraction features.  These will be in our school colors and bring a better look to our competitive gym.


    This is all part of phase 1, as mentioned before; next summer there will be more completed in regard to restrooms, locker rooms, windows, and a few other areas of need in our building.  We are thankful to our Superintendent, Dr. Debbie Jones; the school board; and our community for supporting our school system so that we can renovate and innovate our older buildings.  


    We are very excited to show off our school when we all get back.  This is a great way to start the school year!