• Vision Statement

    Bentonville Schools-LEADING learning through innovation, collaboration and dedication.


    Mission Statement

    Bentonville Schools is committed to excellence in all we do through innovative, inspiring learning experiences.

    Core Values

    Bentonville Schools emblem is a promise made to our students, families and community. That promise speaks to our core values represented by three pillars. The lower right and foundational pillar represents integrity. Purposely built as the base by which our district operates. Integrity holds true the promise to operate honestly by telling the truth, keeping our promises and being trustworthy. We promise to be fair and do right by others and to be open and transparent. We are courageous and make the tough calls necessary to maintain integrity. The middle pillar, which is open and continues on beyond the other two pillars, symbolizes opportunity which is defined as a good chance for advancement or progress. We believe that each student will be provided the opportunity within Bentonville schools to achieve success beyond high school graduation. Opportunity for students is not only created in the classroom by providing a solid academic understanding, but also through athletics, arts, and club participation where team play is ingrained, confidence is earned, and humanity is developed. The third and highest pillar symbolizes excellence which is the standard by which we measure our success. It is evident in the staff we select, our academic and extracurricular expectations, and our district management.


    Our Beliefs/Cornerstones

    • Students First
    • Relationships
    • Collaboration
    • Growth Mindset
    • Innovative and Effective Learning Environment