Welcome to High School


    Names and Contact Information for our high school leaders who can help you.


    Year-at-a-glance combined Calendar for parent events, testing, and major activities for both high schools.


    A / B Calendar for Grades 7-12.  This is our new rotation of Fridays in lieu of Fast Friday schedules.


    Introduction to High School guide and links about how to follow announcements, grades, and more.


    Course Selection Process completed in December - March by 8th graders. 


    You can expect emails from your principals each year around June 15 and July 10 with back to school details.  


    Or, call 479.254.5008 and 479.254.5033 for assistance. 


    We serve more than 5000 students in grades 9-12 at two comprehensive high schools, Bentonville High School and Bentonville West High School, as well as Gateway Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) (a smaller setting for a traditional education), the Regional Educational Alternative Program (REAP) in Rogers (a disciplinary alternative program), Virtual School (our school for NWACC Online, HS Online, and 100% Online Programs), and several state and county facilities in our zone.


    Use the "Our Schools" button at the top or bottom of this page to go to a campus site.