• At Apple Glen, we have three main initiatives on which we focus:


    We continue to train all licensed staff members in the Science of Reading. All staff members have or will soon complete state-mandated RISE training. This initiative focuses on our literacy instruction and ensures using scientifically based methods to teach students to read in a systematic way.


    We use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports as our school-wide behavior management system. We have agreed as staff on expected behaviors in all of our settings and those behaviors are explicitly taught to students. We also use positive reinforcement to encourage students to exhibit desired behaviors.


    Visible Learning is another initiative for our staff. Visible Learning is based on the research of John Hattie. His work identifies the most impactful teaching strategies that we can use in our classrooms. We focus on developing students as Assessment-Capable Learners who can explain and understand their individual learning progress. We use strategies to ensure that students understand the characteristics of a good learner by supporting them as they apply effective habits of thinking and encourage and welcome feedback. The staff, students, and parents at Apple Glen have identified dispositions that are important for all students to develop. The learner dispositions we are committed to fostering in students are perseverance, collaboration, curiosity, and problem-solving. 


    learner disposition image