• NWACC Early College Registration 


    All entrance scores and applications must be completed by Oct. 15th for the spring semester and May 15th for the fall semester.

    NWACC online students are required to be present in the e-library during their online course.


    Step 1 - CLICK HERE to complete the BHS NWACC application. 

    Step 2 - CLICK HERE to complete the NWACC Online application (new NWACC students only).


    CLICK HERE for a list of NWACC Courses that meet BHS Graduation Requirements.

    CLICK HERE to view Placement Score Requirements for NWACC.

    • All courses require a reading score.
    • Comp I requires reading and writing scores.
    • College Algebra requires reading and math scores as well as a C or better in Algebra II.


    8th Grade Students - Click here if you are interested in earning your associate's degree. This information will be used to communicate important information specifically for rising freshmen taking NWACC courses. 


    Associate Degree Plans

    Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Science: Non-STEM

    Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Science: STEM

    Associates of Arts