Board of Education Members

  •  Eric White

    Eric White, President

    Zone 3 (2021)

    I'm proud Bentonville Schools cares about every student. Regardless of circumstances or background, there is a place for each one to fit in and excel. If a student will give their best effort, they will succeed beyond their dreams.

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  •  Matt Burgess

    Matt Burgess, Vice President

    Zone 6 (2023)

    There is so much to be proud of in the Bentonville Schools. I am very proud of our students, teachers, administrators and staff. Walk into any classroom in the district and there is dynamic learning occuring. I love our school district.

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  •  Brent Leas

    Brent Leas, Secretary

    Zone 2 (2022)

    I'm proud of the positive advancements in Bentonville Schools brought about through growth and the past successful millage increases. We've been able to address our growth and be diligent and resourceful with tax dollars.

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  • Kelly Carlson

    Kelly Carlson

    Zone 5 (2024)

    I’m proud to serve Bentonville Schools because the district represents innovative thought leaders when it comes to empowering students for the future.

    Programs like the Ignite Professional Studies program equips students with tangible skills and movements like Choose Love provide them resources to overcome challenges that may stand in their way. The passion of our teachers and students is contagious and I am excited to be a part of it.

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  • Willie Cowgur

    Willie Cowgur

    Zone 4 (2024)

    I'm proud of the great employees we have in this district. It's truly amazing to see what everyone does to contribute to our success in academics, athletics, and arts. It would be hard to find another district in the nation as successful in all three areas.

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  • Joe Quinn

    Joe Quinn

    Zone 7 (2021)

    I'm proud of the fact we operate schools on the assumption that we are the best district in Arkansas. We set high goals, and being the best is what we realistically strive for.

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  • Rebecca Powers

    Rebecca Powers

    Zone 1 (2020)

    I'm most proud of Bentonville Schools for hiring teachers who truly care about each student and who recognize that finding the gift in each individual can completely change that child's future.

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