• Kindergarten Enrollment 2019-20


    * General Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year begins April 1st, 2019.  Students must turn 5 on or before August 1st 2019 to enroll in kindergarten.

    We are excited you are interested in enrolling in our district! Please read the information below to learn more about the enrollment process.

    • If you are unsure about your zoned school please use the following link to locate your child's school. 2019/2020 find your zoned school.
    • The staff at your zoned school may indicate that you have been placed on a waiting list. This means the capacity for that building has been reached. The waiting list is critical in helping the district administration determine appropriate staffing needs for each building. Your child will enroll at their zoned school and will be placed on a waiting list for their specific grade. If space is not available for your student at their zoned school, you will be contacted with additional information on where your child has been placed.
    • Please use one of the following links to complete the required enrollment forms. After submitting the online forms, you will have three business days to appear at the school with supporting documents to complete the enrollment process. Your child will not be officially enrolled in Bentonville Schools until that time.

    Enrollment Forms - English

    Enrollment Forms - Spanish(Printable)


    Documents Needed for Enrollment

    1. Two types of proof of residency required (choose A, B, or C below):
      1. Current utility bills from two different utilities (gas, water or electric) showing parent's name and address
      2. Current real-estate property tax receipt and a current utility bill (gas, water or electric) showing parent’s name and address
      3. Rent or lease agreement and a current utility bill (gas, water or electric) showing parent’s name and address
        • Cable bills, insurance bills, satellite or phone bills, personal property tax, mortgage statement, etc. are not considered acceptable forms for proof of residency. 
        • If you do not have one of the above listed items, you must come to the Bentonville Schools Student Services Center located at 500 Tiger Blvd in Bentonville, with documented proof that you reside in the Bentonville School District. Based on the documents provided, the District Office will provide the necessary paperwork to complete the enrollment process.
    1. Copy of the child's birth certificate
    2. Copy of the child's Social Security Card (If your student does not have a Social Security number, please call their zoned school to be issued a student number)
    3. Up-to-date immunization record. The following immunizations are required:
    • DTP/ DTaP/DT/Td 4 doses- with1 on/after 4th birthday
    • Polio 3 doses- with1 on/ after 4th birthday
    • MMR 2 doses- with1 on/after 1st birthday and at least 28 days between doses
    • Hepatitis B 3 doses
    • Hepatitis A 1 dose on/after 1st birthday
    • Varicella 2 doses-1 after 1st birthday and second dose at least 28 days after dose 1
      OR a note from a medical professional with proof / statement of disease history   

    In order to be assigned to a kindergarten class, a child must have received all vaccines listed above or be in process with a written statement by a health care provider  containing a date the student must return for their next immunization. (ARK. Code ANN 20-7-109, 6—18-702, 6-60-501-504, and 20-78-206)

    5.  A current physical examination, (Wellness Visit) within the last 24 months.  
    In order to be assigned to a kindergarten class, a parent /guardian must provide a copy of a current physical or well child check-up dated within the last 24 months or a written statement from a health care provider stating an appointment date to obtain a physical exam.  The examination must be obtained within 90 days of student’s initial enrollment, (the first day of attendance).

    Additional Information
    If you choose to waive kindergarten enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year, please complete and submit a Kindergarten Waiver to the Student Services office.
    Waiver form

    For ESL (English as a Second Language) assistance please review this attachment: ESL Kindergarten Pre-Registration Information.

    This website may assist in preparing your child for kindergarten 
    Arkansas Department of Human Services Kindergarten Readiness.