• Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the house I am considering buying or leasing located in the Bentonville Public
    Schools district?
    Check our Find your School and Bus Locator to make sure an address is located within the Bentonville Public School zones.  We highly recommend that families check this site prior to renting or purchasing a home. Zoning boundary lines do not always follow city boundary lines. For example, a home can be located in Rogers, but be zoned to attend Bentonville Public Schools. For verification, refer to your current Benton county real estate tax statement to verify your zoned school district.

    My home is zoned for Bentonville Public Schools but I want to attend another
    district that my house is closer to instead. Can I do that?
    No, you must attend the zoned resident district based on your property address.  There are only limited opportunities to enroll your children in a non-resident district:

    1. If you want to attend Bentonville Public Schools but live outside the district boundaries or live outside the district boundaries and want to attend BPS, you must fill out an Application for Transfer through the provisions of Arkansas Statute 6-18-206, “Arkansas Public School of Choice Act of 2015”.  A request for Application for Transfer to a Non-Resident District form must be submitted to the non-resident district. If wanting to attend Bentonville Public Schools, please submit your application to Student Services at: 1000 SE 14th Street, Bentonville AR 72712. Applications must be submitted by May 1st of each year for the following school year. A copy of the Application for Transfer as well as additional information regarding the School Choice Act of 2015 can be found at the following link:School Choice
    A copy of the Application for Transfer may also be obtained at the address above or by calling 479-367-8050.

    2. If you want to transfer out of Bentonville Public Schools to attend a neighboring district even though you are zoned for Bentonville, you must fill out a District to District Transfer Form which can be obtained at the address listed above and must be turned in by July 1 for the July Board meeting review, August 1 for the August Board meeting review or December 1 for the December Board meeting review. Those are the only times the District to District Transfer Form will be accepted for consideration. You must also check with the receiving district to ensure they will accept your student in for transfer and their Board meeting will coincide with the timing for the Bentonville Board meeting. Neighboring districts set their own agenda for hearing the District to District transfer requests which may not be the same as Bentonville.

    Can I choose the school my child attends within the Bentonville District?
    In the Bentonville Public School system, schools are assigned based on where a student lives. Attendance boundaries are adjusted when the school district opens new schools or the Board of Education deems there is a need for rezoning of the existing boundaries.

    What if my zoned school for my child exceeds capacity?
    Due to the rapid growth of the Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas region, some schools have zoning areas that exceed their capacity. Currently, students are overflowed to other Bentonville school locations to remain in compliance. Students are enrolled on a first come, first served basis and cannot be added to a wait list for a particular campus until the enrollment process has been completed for the student. Transportation will be provided by Bentonville Public Schools for students who are required to attend outside their attendance zone.  Schools within the Bentonville Public Schools follow the same general curriculum
    and have the same class size with comparable equipment and facilities. The same programs are provided throughout the district to ensure a quality education at all the Bentonville schools.

    What are the required documents necessary to enroll my child?
    The online enrollment forms (Enrollment form, Health History, Language form, GT Survey, Race Ethnicity, SPED Questionnaire) will all need to be completed in full, which once submitted, are active for three business days. 

    process and taken into the registrar at the zoned school include:

    • Birth certificate (State Issued only)
    • Up to date Immunization records
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of residency

    Acceptable proofs of residency are:

    Two current utility bills (gas, water, or electric)
    • A signed rent or lease agreement and current utility bill
    • A current property real estate tax records and a current utility bill

    A Resident Provider Affidavit is available to be completed at the Student Services Office located at 1000 SE 14th Street. The same documents are listed above are required for the Resident Provider, including a picture ID or driver’s license for both the Resident Provider and the Parent of the student. Cable bills, satellite or phone bills, personal property tax, etc. are not considered acceptable forms for proof of residency.

    **PLEASE NOTE** If the above mentioned enrollment process has not been
    completed in full as outlined above, all submitted forms will automatically be
    rejected, will have to be resubmitted and run the risk of not securing a spot due
    to classes exceeding capacity.

    If I am purchasing a home, but the construction is not completed until a future
    date, can I enroll my child based on that address?
    Bentonville Public Schools does allow parents to enroll based on a contract with a future completion date providing the estimated completion date is within three months of the enrollment date. An In Process Affidavit will need to be completed to use as the Proof of Residency for the enrollment process. This can be obtained at the Student Services office, located at 1000 SE 14th Street. A current signed contract and picture ID will be required to complete the form. Once you have moved into the new residence, you will need to follow up and provide the two current utility bills to the registrar at your child’s school to complete the process.

    Can a family member or friend other than a parent or legal guardian enroll a
    child in Bentonville Public Schools?
    No, only the parent or legal guardian is able to enroll a child. The parent’s name should be listed on the child’s birth certificate or another legal document establishing proof of custody or guardianship.

    How long will my child be on the wait list prior to being admitted to my zoned
    Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long a child will remain on a wait list before being moved back over to their zoned school. There are many variables, based on how many people may move out of a given school which is hard to predict.

    What if I have more than one child to enroll into school and both are sent to an
    overflow school due to capacity? What happens if one gets in before the other?
    Every effort is made to keep siblings together. If a spot becomes available to move one sibling over, the parents would be contacted to see if they want to take that spot or keep the siblings together and wait until such time as both can move over together.