• Bentonville High School Choirs


     With a student body of more than 3000 in grades 9-12, Bentonville High School is committed to offering a diversity of choirs.  There are nine choirs including A Cappella, Chamber, Bella Voce and Concert with two full-time choral directors.  The 2017-2018 school year saw a choral program enrollment of some 400 students, several of whom were selected to both the Northwest Region (54) and the All-State Choirs (35).  In addition to participating in these highly competitive events, the BHS choirs present several concerts throughout the year, including the annual holiday performances of NOEL which entertains thousands of attendees.  In March of 2018, the BHS Chamber Choir was selected to perform for the southwest division of the Amercian Choral Directors Association in Oklahoma City.  Also, A Cappella Choir received superior ratings in the Chicago Festival of Gold in 2018. 


    The jewel of the choral department is the BHS Chamber Choir, comprised of the foremost juniors and seniors.  As musical ambassadors to the community, Chamber Choir presents  30-40 performances annually for various groups and organizations as well as regular concerts.  Performing primarily a cappella music, with selections that span the early Renaissance through contemporary periods, this choir is dedicated to mastering superior choral styles and techniques.  Their work has garnered the honor and distinction of representing Arkansas to Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, upon his visit to Northwest Arkansas. Tours include England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Missouri, New York, Texas, Minnesota, California and Tennessee.  This group has also performed, by invitation of the Weill Music Institute, at Carnegie Hall.


    Auditions for all choir groups are held in the spring semester. 


    Bentonville High School Choir Offerings                             Bentonville High School Choir Directors

    Chamber Choir, Grades 11 & 12                                                              Terry Hixs, 479.254.5122

    A Cappella Choir, Grades 11 & 12                                                           Ken Griggs, 479.696.3554

    Sophomore Select, Grade 10

    Bella Voce, Grades 10-12

    Concert Choir, Grades 10-12

    Advanced Women, Grade 9

    Advanced Men, Grade 9

    Open Women, Grade 9

    Open Men, Grade 9


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