• Mission

    Creekside Middle Schools Mission is to ensure high levels of learning for each student.


    Creekside Middle School
    Service. Perseverance. Innovation. Collaboration. Empathy.


    Service: We believe culture is established by building a community of servant leaders where each individual strives to help meet the needs of others.


    Perseverance: We believe perseverance is finding the courage to take risks, remaining steadfast when faced with challenges, and learning from our failures to achieve excellence.


    Innovation: We believe innovation is best achieved by providing opportunities to be creative with new ideas and resources by taking calculated risks, thinking outside the box and showing growth through the process.


    Collaboration: We believe collaboration is best developed by building relationships through mutual respect, trust and understanding.


    Empathy: We believe empathy is the ability to respond to others' emotions by valuing individual life experiences, which inspires a response of care and compassion.