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    At Bentonville West High School, we are excited about opening up a brand new culture for students and helping them get involved. Student organizations and clubs will operate much like it has in the district before and we are excited to start the year off at Bentonville West with opportunities for students to join and be involved in extracurricular activities that suite their interest and their talents. Students who do not find a club or interest group they would like to see at BWHS can apply to start organizations or clubs if they know they will have participation and a sponsor. An application form is available under the forms page.  Our two pillars at West this year are Engagement and Involvement.  Our Student Activities provides various groups of interests and goals to allow kids to get involved in the school culture.  By belonging and being involved engagement in the classroom and the school should increase, because when you belong you care about what you belong to. 

    Student activities website: www.bwhsstudentlife.weebly.com

    For questions in the future regarding student organizations or clubs please contact one of the following:

    Mr. Jacob Smith Mr. Randall Hunt

    Mr Hunt

    Asst. Principal

    Mr. Randall Hunt

    Office 1212 ext. 9805

    Mr Smith Student Activities

    Mr. Jacob Smith

    Office 1415 ext. 9791