• Ignite Video Production In year one, Ignite Video Production students will gain experience shooting HD video on four different camera platforms and formats including 1080, 2.5 K, and 5K resolutions. Students will learn and become proficient in the Adobe Creative suite specifically, Premiere Pro, Audition and After Effects. Students will produce a variety of individual and group projects to help improve their skills in camera operation, lighting, audio, costume/set design, and directing. Students will produce a portfolio that includes a reel and resume that highlights their experiences and expertise. Ignite Video Production students will get the opportunity to produce on various location shoots as well as our on-site studio at UA Global Campus. Students are also able to go on various site visits of the local production companies in the NWA region as well as being introduced to job shadow, and internship opportunities in the field of video production.

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    Video Production and Editing