• Dr. Debbie Jones, Superintendent

  • The safety of your child is paramount in Bentonville Schools, and guides every decision we make. If our students are scared, hungry or unprepared, it's difficult to educate them. While we don't wish to publicly share every detail of our security plan, we want you to know school safety is our top priority. Our building entrance systems are carefully regulated and we require high school students to wear identification so we know who belongs in our buildings. We require tornado, active shooter and other emergency training for the staff of Bentonville Schools. School resource officers and commissioned school safety officers, under the direction of Director of Security Steve Vera, diligently watch over our campuses. These officers are the best of the best and work to cultivate healthy relationships with our students. 


    On this page, you'll find age-appropriate talking points so you can broach the topic of school safety with your children. We encourage you to talk to your student about the serious nature of threats online or on school property. Threats are never a joke. If you hear something that concerns you or your child, you should immediately report it to police or our confidential See Something, Say Something tip line. That number is monitored every hour of the day. Save 479.367.8080 to your cell phones and use this resource when needed. 


    It takes all of us, in partnership, to care for the safety of our students. If you have any questions regarding the safety of your child's school, don't hesitate to contact us. We realize you've entrusted us with your most precious asset and we'll do everything we can to protect, grow and nurture them. 


    Dr. Debbie Jones

    Bentonville School Superintendent