• At Old High Middle School we aim to seek out and maximize the talent of not only our students, but our community as well!  We welcome any and all to share your expertise with our students.  Showing students what knowledge, expertise, talent, and hard work look like in real life helps us increase the engagment through relevance! Answering the often heard question heard around the world from students, "Why are we learning this??"  Keeping in line with our amazing community, we open our doors wide to help us create the future.

    Here are some ways you can volunteer!

    • Clubs- each month Old High Middle School shuts down it's schedule and spends 2 hours on student driven clubs.  This is where we show students how their classroom learning is applicable to their interests, work on soft/collaborative skills, and teach about making friends based on common interests!  It's a magical and impactful time that everyone loves. Below you will find a list of the Clubs we offer and the dates and times we'll be meeting.  YOU can be a part of this magic by donating your time and expertise, materials, or networking contacts!  Contact our principal, Leslie Lyons llyons@bentonvillek12.org if you have any of these to offer our Old High Middle School Students this year!  We'd love to have you!
    • Maker Carnival
    • Glow Party
    • Field Day
    • Teacher Meals
    • Teacher Appreciation