• Parent Instructions for Logging into Chromebooks and Elementary Digital Content 


    Student Login Credentials (username and password)

    • Returning Bentonville Student in Grades 1-4 should already have their username and password
    • Incoming Kindergarteners and new students to Bentonville Schools  should receive their  login credentials (username and password) when picking up their Chromebook
    • If you do not have your username and password, please check with your child’s teacher
    • Kindergarten and first-grade students will have QR code badges that can be scanned to access the Chromebook, saving them the time of typing in the username and password
      • Teachers will provide these QR codes to families during the first week of school.    


    Logging into the Chromebook:

    • Open the Chromebook and power it on by pressing the power button located in the top right of the keyboard
    • K-1 grade students will log into their Chromebook by placing the QR Code (provided by your child’s teacher) in front of the Chromebook camera located in the top center of the Chromebook screen or by entering their username and password K-1 Log in Video 
    • Students in grades 2-4 will login with their Chromebook by typing in their username and password Grades 2-4 Log in Video


        What is Clever

    • Clever is an online student portal, or landing page, that provides a single location for students to access all digital content needed for their classes. The Clever Student Portal provides more streamlined access to online programs.  


    Accessing Clever and Other Student Resources

    • Once logged into the Chromebook, you’ll see the student resource folder located in the top-left corner
    • Click on the Student Resource folder and choose “Clever”
    • Accessing Clever Video


    Google Classroom Landing Page

    • Virtual and Blended School students will start the school day viewing their daily learning/assignment agenda on their Google Classroom page.
    • Students will access their Google Classroom page through Clever
    • Google Classroom Landing Page Video