• Counselors establish and maintain close working relationships with staff from a variety of school and community agencies.  These agencies include departments of health and social services, mental health centers, juvenile courts and advocacy groups.  To help students and their families cope with an array of problems, counselors identify school and community resources and establish policies and procedures for communication.  Counselors connect information for students in regards to mental health agencies.  Should you be concerned about the social emotional or mental health development of your child, please reach out to our counselor and she can assist you with accessing commmunity resources as well as campus resources.  We work with the following agencies for school-based therapy should you need those resources:


    • Ozark Guidance
    • Conections Freindship Community Care
    • Eason and Associates


    Character Development


    We currently use the Core Essential Values Program for our character education. Our counselor gives monthly lessons to our classrooms focued on the 'word of the month' to help build life skills. The following are this year's words of the month:


    August - Wisdom 

    September - Initiative 

    October - Individuality 

    November - Contentment

    December - Service

    January - Self-Control

    February - Compassion

    March - Cooperation

    April - Hope

    May - Perserverance


    Lacie Moore, TJE Counselor