• VISITORS:  Visitors in the building or on the school grounds must enter and check-in through the school office. Visitors are asked to present their valid state identification, which is scanned, and to wear the visitor badge given to them at check-in. Student visitors from other schools or school-age siblings of current students are not allowed because of the dual problems of space and class disruption; this includes the lunch hours.

    During COVID19, our school is limiting the number of visitors in the building. Parents will only be permitted to enter the building if they have an appointment or if Nurse Swoboda has requested to see them. Parents must wear a mask and complete the COVID Screener form located in the main entryway.


    CHECK OUT PROCESS:  Bentonville Junior High School campuses are closed campuses. Students may not leave campus after their arrival. Students who must leave school for any reason, including illness, must officially check out through the front office. Parents picking up their child during the school day are required to come into the front office to sign the student out and must show their valid state identification. Parents are discouraged from checking students out of school for non-medical reasons, (i.e. lunches, haircuts, assemblies, etc.) however, only parents may check out students for lunch and the student should be returned by the parent. Students will not be allowed to check out from school with any persons that are not listed on their Emergency Contact information. Notes or phone calls will not be accepted for check out purposes.