• Fulbright Junior High recognizes the importance of mental health and wellness for our students and staff alike.


    In accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education GUIDE for Life Lessons, our staff work to equip students with lifelong skills to help them navigate everyday challenges beyond the classroom.  Essential lessons hosted by our guidance counselors include the topics below:


    7-8 Essential Lessons

    September - Bullying Prevention/Empathy/Cyberbullying

    October - Suicide Awareness (8th Grade)

    December/January - Career Pathways

    February - Bullying Prevention/Empathy/Cyberbullying

    March - Social Media and Internet Safety


    We also partner with a host of outside agencies to support student mental health.  If you are in need of services for you student, feel free to reach out to our counselors listed below:

    Jenny Brown, 7th Grade JeBrown@Bentonvillek12.org

    Lara Melchiori, 8th Grade LMelchiori@Bentonvillek12.org