• Mental health is equally as important as physical health to us at Bentonville Virtual School. We take a tiered approach to mental health support that is both proactive and respondent. Classroom guidance (Tier 1) is provided to each virtual classroom monthly. Small group counseling and behavior support (Tier 2) is provided throughout the year based on qualified need and teacher, administrative, or parent referral. Individual counseling (Tier 3) is provided at any time based on student need.  School counseling services are shortterm services aimed at the more effective education and socialization of a child within the school community. These services are not intended as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment for any mental health disorder.



    At Bentonville Virtual School, we also offer school-based therapy in which a local mental health agency provides individualized therapy to their clients (our students) based on referral.


    The agencies that serve Bentonville Virtual School are, in alphabetical order:




    We currently use the Core Essentials Values Program for our character education for grades K-4 and Second Step Program for grades 5-6.



    We provide social and emotional learning through our classroom guidance program according to our district Comprehensive Counseling Plan (*excerpt provided below). Additional lessons are provided based on our annual building needs assessment data.


    *Annual Calendar Elementary K-4 Lessons

    September - Conflict Resolution

    October - Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention & Empathy

    November - Sexual Abuse Prevention-Empower Me

    January - Emotions/Coping Strategies/Owning Behavior

    April - Careers


    *Annual Calendar Middle School 5-6 Lessons

    August/September - Introduction/Bullying Prevention

    October - Suicide Awareness (6th grade)-S.O.S. in partnership with Ozark Guidance

    November/December - Sexual Abuse Prevention-Empower Me

    January - Problem Solving/Coping Skills

    February - Empathy/Kindness

    April/May - Careers


    Parents who desire more information about school-based services should contact our school counselor, Michelle Eichler, for more information at 479.696.3397 or meichler@bentonvillek12.org.