final exam schedule

Final Exam Exemption Policy

All classes require a cumulative semester exam. Students have the option of taking a semester exam even if they meet exemption parameters. If a student chooses to take a final exam, when they meet exemption parameters, the grade will only be used if it improves their semester grade. 

Students may exempt a semester exam in a class if they have four or fewer absences in the specific class for the semester, four or fewer tardy marks in the specific class for the semester, a grade of AT LEAST 75%, no zeroes in the grade book for the semester, and no fines or fees for the class.  If a student has more than four UNEXCUSED absences in 6th period (Advisory and FLEX), the student will be ineligible for ANY exemptions.  (Note that any absence from any Advisory or FLEX session counts as an absence from 6th period)

Exemptions are allowed for all students each semester, except students in English I-III, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, World History, US History, Civics, and Economics are required to take a fall exam. This requirement applies to variations of each of these courses (Pre-AP, AP, IB, Accelerated, etc.). 

All absences (medical, excused, unexcused, etc.) count. Should a student incur excessive medical or bereavement leave the process of studying, preparing, and learning for the exam helps ensure the learning process despite any type of leave. The only absences that are not counted are school business, college visits, and principal excused.

Appeals on exemptions should be directed to a campus principal. Exemptions cannot be appealed past the campus level. The campus principal's decision is final.

12th Grade - Sarah Merayo 

10th Grade - Sarah DeWitt 

11th Grade - Tacuma Williams

9th Grade - Brittany Haden Chomphosy