• Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plans

    2015-2016 ACSIP Plans
    School improvement plans are now available for viewing online.  In your web browser, go to www.indistar.org and enter the District or school login and password.

2015-2016 & 2016-2017

Location Login Password
Apple Glen Elementary School GuestSAR2126 GuestSAR2126
Ardis Ann Middle School GuestSAR1991 GuestSAR1991
Bentonville High School GuestSAR2173 GuestSAR2173
Bentonville School District GuestD4614 GuestD4614
Bentonville West High School GuestS17981 GuestS17981
Bright Field Middle School GuestS13840 GuestS13840
Centerton Gamble Elementary School GuestSAR2247 GuestSAR2247
Central Park Elementary School GuestSAR1422 GuestSAR1422
Cooper Elementary School GuestSAR1445 GuestSAR1445
Creekside Middle School GuestS18441 GuestS18441
Elm Tree Elementary School GuestSAR1505 GuestSAR1505
Fulbright Junior High School GuestS13841 GuestS13841
Lincoln Junior High School GuestSAR1713 GuestSAR1713
Mary Mae Jones Elementary School GuestSAR1755 GuestSAR1755
Old High Middle School GuestSAR1846 GuestSAR1846
Osage Creek Elementary GuestS18440 GuestS18440
RE Baker Elementary School GuestSAR1911 GuestSAR1911
Ruth Barker Middle School GuestSAR1946 GuestSAR1946
Sugar Creek Elementary School GuestSAR2001 GuestSAR2001
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School GuestSAR2011 GuestSAR2011
Washington Junior High School GuestSAR2051 GuestSAR2051
Willowbrook Elementary School GuestS13839 GuestS13839