• Inclement Weather Procedures


    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    As the winter season approaches, I want to share the inclement weather procedures implemented in the district. Please know our decision of whether to close school will always be based upon the safety of students and staff.  We must consider different regions in the district and multiple sources of data to track storms. As you well know, all weather predictions are not always 100% accurate which makes this time very difficult for us.
    When inclement weather is a concern, we dispatch school officials throughout the district to drive the roads in order to gain a full understanding of as many location conditions as possible.  We begin this work as early at 2:30 am so we can make a decision by 5:30 a.m. If a decision can be announced earlier, we will do so.
    In the event of inclement weather, Bentonville Schools may need to run limited bus routes.  If limited bus routes are necessary, the route pick-up and drop-off times will be posted on Bentonville Schools website: www.bentonvillek12.org School cancellation will immediately be posted on our social media channels.  In addition, local news outlets and the Benton County Emergency Management Agency will be notified.
    Please know we have handbook procedures that allow me, as the Superintendent, along with our Transportation Director, Principal, and Athletic Director to allow extracurricular practices if all four parties listed agree conditions are safe. If extracurricular practices are allowed, communication will be directed from the Athletic Director to the coaches before students or parents are notified. Practices during inclement weather days will not be mandatory.
    Please know we will always try to make decisions with your child’s best interest in mind. We appreciate your support and welcome any questions.

    Dr. Debbie Jones, Superintendent