OHMS Knights

OHMS Week 10/3-10/7

Scroll through and enjoy the Shout Outs to our staff submitted by students and parents this week!

Shout Outs from Those We Serve (Students and Parents)


ms. horrel

She did a lot so excaliber could go on a field trip.


mr. stuart

just for being AWSOME!

Kya Bonds

Mrs Turner

I am complimenting Mrs turner because she has the funnest way of teaching SS and it is so much fun to be with her.

Farah Sturgis

Ms. Turner

Ms. Turner is a great teacher, she's very kind to us all. I know she should be recognized. She is very fun loving and is very helpful. Last year I got teachers that didn't really help me, this year I got great teachers. You have to be good all the time, because when you do something against the rules, she can get a bit mean. Which is perfectly fine, students need punishments. Just don't break the rules Ms. Turner doesn't deserve it. Ms. Turner is also very funny, and just a person everyone wants to be around!

Heidi Thompson

Mr. Brian

Thank you for cleaning up every thing.

Heidi Thompson

Coach P.

thank you for being our PE coach.

Heidi Thompson


thank you for being our sceinic teacher.

Deacon Sears

Mrs. Rowel

She is being VERY VERY VERY understanding in math problems and being very patient with the class.



Even whenever I do not like to be pulled for knight time she pulls me and I know that it is for a good reason and she just wants me to get a good grade and sh does this and helps me with my missing work.



So I did not understand the big seven method at all and she pulled me twice that all and she was so nice a patient with me and she taught me how to completely understand deviation because I did not before.

Adrew Sherman


for being an awesome teacher and she is very good at teaching.

Benjamin Bell

Mr. Jackson

Made very fun labs in science for us to do in class.

Teah Hatch

Mr. Jackson

Prepared an awesome and fun lesson for us!

Milo Flake

Mrs. Flurry

She always makes class fun and enjoyable.

Noah Alexander

Mrs. Wood

Taught me how to use teacher ease.

Alex Rice

Mr. Klemple

helped me learn the saxaphone

Ethan Anderson

Mrs. Wood

Being helpful and patient.

Devan Brice

Mr. Satimaria

He helped with tech issues on my Chromebook, and now I'm able to use it much more efficiently all thanks to him!



They gave us a fun science project and its alot of fun :D

Dylan Maize

mrs sanders

being nice

Cole Campana


She is always making class fun and helps me to learn the cello.



help me learn

caleb paul

bus driver 99

he helped me try and find my bus card

Henry Hall


Teaching me from how to hit a drum to hitting them in hard pattern.

Alexys Holt

Mrs. Flurry

Well, I know I already shouted her out, but she needs another one (plus why not) she is the best! I love her sooooooo much! Thank you Mrs.Flurry!!


Mrs. Bennet

she helped us with our solar oven

Preslea Coleman


She makes our science lessons very fun and enjoyable!

Elise Buse

Mrs. Sanders

For being a great Student Council Teacher

Lucas Pickman

Mrs wood

She taught me about ratios.

aj mundine

mrs foshee

helped me with authors purpose

Audrey Jones


they make our school shine and clean up after us and our messes.

Beverly Patrick

Mrs. Tompson and Mrs.Niebruegge

They worked all day to help everyone with their money and purchases at the book fair

Hendrix whitley

Mrs. Edwards

for letting us come in and do fca

sajeel sheikh

mrs. bennet

let me help clean the makerspace



Teach me better math.



she lets us read a lot every day

Tyler Nielsen

Mrs. Wood

Mrs. Wood helped me figure out a problem when I was struggling.

Jonah Mcgary

Mrs. Wood

they gave up there lunch multiple times to help us finish zearn and reflex



she had lunch with us today and is just wsome in general!!

Nicholas Humphrys

Ms. Flurry

She makes learning a instrument much more fun.



She is awsome and makes time for me and my friends to have lunch with her

Zane porter

Mrs. Bennett

Thanks for letting us use the maker space to make the solar ovens! :)



great teacher and always nice.



get good gerads



they are being an amazing teacher this year

Eliza Chenault


She has taught me many things and helped me do a lot of stuff.

Sarah Plunkett

Mrs. Turner

Giving students creative, hands-on ways to express their knowledge and being a source of positivity and kindness to her students!

Ashley Cherbone


Thank you for your enthusiasm and creativity! My student truly enjoys going to class and he had a blast with your escape room!

Wendy murillo

Marlin Jackson

Mr.Jackson is amazing. He engages the students and allows them to learn and engages them in projects that they enjoy. Mr. Jackson took the time to listen to me at open house when I briefed him on what works and doesn’t work for my child with regards to learning and attention span and boredom. Not only did he listen, he remembered. He noticed something I had called out as a potential opportunity and took time to pull away my son and make him aware of the opportunity before it became a problem. My son has not excelled in school as much as I have seen him excel with Mr. Jackson‘s leadership and guidance. He builds confidence in his students. He’s an amazing asset to the OHMS team!

Seth Stewart


For letting me crash her classroom to watch the kids reactions to the videos.

Lilianna Green


she said hello to me this morning

Sophia Byrnes

Ms. Foshee

Ms. Foshee let the whole class work outside while writing our book reviews!

zachary mendoza


she gave us the option if we wanted to work on our book reviews in the cold room or the nice weather outside

Matilda Halford

Mrs. Newpher

Mrs. Newpher comes up with fun ideas for class activities and is always super sweet.