Enjoy this week's Team Newsletters and last week's Teacher Shout Outs from Families & Students!     You can always give a shout out at anytime to any staff member using this form!

lynn cookmrs. davistaught me stuff like the opinion evidence and in all was just a great teacher.
lynn cookmrs. whitttaught me math and was a very giving and thoughtful funny teacher to me.
lynn cookmrs. rowantaught me the awesome stuff like the social studies walk through or " simulation" of what happened and the cool stuff we did in science with the filters.
Teah HatchMrs. NewpherHad a super laid back class and put up really well with the kids.
Elise BuseMrs. BennettFor making AMI fun and showing me her burrito eater.
Hallie CuppMrs. WardShe is an awesome band teacher!
Ezra Snyderall of team heroes teachers Ms. Longing, Ms. Bennett, and Ms. Sandersfor logging on and teaching us even in this gloomy and nasty weather .
Devan BriceMr. LongingEven in stressful times like this, Ms. Longing is able to create an assignment that taught us something, and was fun. We've been learning how to write exciting stories, and we did a fun lesson where we turned a comic strip into an exciting narrative with dialogue. We learned how to write dialogue, and write verbs in a more descriptive way.
Ema Kate BrannanTeam ValiantMs. Foshee: You are the best homeroom teacher ever! You are very nice and I have learned so much! Mr. Jackson: You are awesome at having very engaging lessons and I have so much fun in social studies. Mrs. Newpher: I love when we take notes it is great to help me memorize and you are really nice. Thank you valiant teachers you work so hard on lessons and they are great!