School Closings

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI Days)

for School Closings

Grades K-12

Arkansas Act 862 of 2017 allows a public school district to develop a plan for alternative methods of instruction (AMI) to be used on days when the superintendent closes school due to inclement weather or exceptional/emergency circumstances.  

K-12 Directions

Students have Chromebooks for instruction. Students will learn through Posted Lessons and Live Instruction following the plans linked below. Students should log on to their Google Classroom as directed by their campus schedule. In order to be counted “present” for the AMI day, students must complete the assignments as noted in the grade level directions.


AMI for Parents K-8

AMI for Parents and Teachers 9-12


AMI for Elementary Teachers K-4

AMI for Middle School Teachers 5-6

AMI for Junior High Teachers 7-8

AMI for Parents and Teachers 9-12

Should you have questions regarding the information shared, please contact your child’s teacher or building administrator.